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Our Executive Team.

Just a couple of car guys, taking over the world, one video at a time.


Getting his start as a salesperson in 1996, Emal has over 24 years of experience in the automotive world, and almost 30 years in marketing & sales.  As a business/marketing major in school, he thought owning an advertising agency could one day be his dream job, after perhaps a year or two in the automotive business.   In the mean time he fully embraced his sales role and quickly rose up the ranks to become Mitsubishi Motors #1 sales person nationally for 1997 & '98, before it was time to trade his sales badge for a managerial role.  In his 20+ years of management with Mitsubishi, he also serves as a board member on the national MMNA/Ally Financial advisory board since 2015 and currently representing his dealer partners in the midwest region.  Rivaling his passion for sales, is Emal's love of music. Having picked up a used guitar at the age of 12 and learning some chords with a friend, his passion grew to eventually performing live nationally.  Opening for, and sharing the stage with members of, Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses, Poison, Cheap Trick, and more!  He also took advantage of the front row seat by learning all about stage production and technical shoots, from the best of the best on the road. He parlayed his "on the job" education to becoming an on-air voice and television talent for many regional and national brands, before making his own automotive creative.  He worked not only with global automotive brands like Mitsubishi and Lexus, but everything from home repair and services, to educational software and comedy podcasts. In 2017, it was finally time to make his 20 year old dream a reality by founding Muse Duran.   Getting behind the camera enabled Emal to hone his craft through select automotive and luxury brand clients and expanding into many other areas, including music and interior design firms.  As business rapidly grew, he recruited his co-worker Nathan Hughes, and the two fell in love with the art of creating web and television media together. Today, Emal very much enjoys bringing his expertise to our clients business marketing and P.R. needs.  His fresh, out of the ordinary approach towards creative brings a unique flavor and vision to any project!


Nathan Hughes was always fascinated with making movies.  At a young age, he began filming his snow boarding adventures with a Go-Pro strapped to his melon and then created masterpieces utilizing I-Movie on his Mac.  Having a strong connection to the automotive business through his father, Tom, he followed in his footsteps and took a sales job at Biggers Mitsubishi.  This is where he met our CEO, Emal Noor, and the two have worked together for over 15 years now.  Nate also quickly rose up the ranks as a top salesperson and moved into automotive retail management.  He never did lose his passion for making movies though, so joining up with Muse Duran was a natural fit!  Nate has a great eye for what makes media interesting, and his attention to detail is second to none.  A perfectionist when it comes to video and audio projects, Nate doesn't quit until he delivers exactly what the client envisioned and beyond!  

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