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Muse Duran

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Muse Duran is ultimately a bit of a relative “weirdo”, I guess you’d say?  In this cluttered world of advertisers and agencies, we are built from the inside out.  The main reason is that we never really had any discussion of “who we are?”, as a company.  We didn’t have to.  We knew that if we kept our heads down and worked hard, offering world class creative concepts and designs that stood out in the marketplace, then we could deliver more traffic to clients.  We could succeed in providing growth for businesses in our area, while growing along side them. The best way towards a growth journey, however, isn’t by blending in with what everyone else is doing, not on either of our parts.  It should always start with a fresh idea, carefully placed within a thought out plan, ultimately executed within budget and deadline.   Our plan towards achieving this simple mission for clients wasn’t to focus group and “market-feel”, who we should “be?"  in an effort to appeal to what's considered chic at the time.  We didn’t want business that way; letting the market dictate our brand.  While our efforts are certainly open to investment, our brand isn’t.  We agreed not to simply accept all RFP’s on a first come, first served basis.  Not to be unfair, but our approach to prospecting was different.  Initiate meetings and provide proposals, only to businesses that we can really get behind and to help scale quickly, rather than to exist as an order-taking production house for whomever writes a check.  Why, you might ask?  Because the first usually begets more business and referral work, and the latter often does not.  Also, it’s easier and more enjoyable to do business with with a brand you believe in personally, and believes in you back. We love to get passionate about every bit of product that is delivered through our funnel.  


So the answer to who we are?  Muse Duran Productions at its heart, is two buddies that have worked together for decades in the automotive management world.  One day, they had a dream of making their passions their careers.  They didn’t want to work until retirement, but rather get paid for what they love to do.  Their vision was of putting together an agency comprised by a team of hard working, like minded misfits, that shared a passion for making great creative come to life.  See, they've been on the other side of this business, as clients.  They will deliver on the care and high standards expected from your creative partner, consistently.


So maybe you have some reservations about moving forward towards your first agency experience, or perhaps you’re quietly and curiously searching for who can provide some fresh air to your business and its next campaign?  In either case, we are confident in our abilities to making a positive impact on your business, and its bottom line.  Let our experienced team of designers, developers, and IT staff of creative scientists show you what next year could look like! There are many great options out there for web and video content, and Chicago has its fair share of the best.  What makes Muse Duran different?  We realize that although you may not have a multi-million dollar Hollywood budget to employ in your next project, good ideas are plentiful, ripe for the picking, and cost nothing to produce, just like an e-mail or call to us.  We hope to hear from you soon. 

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