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About Muse Duran. 

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A goddess that inspires a creative artist.

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To last.  Firm, and ever enduring.


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Muse Duran got its start from two friends that worked together for decades, in the automotive management world.  One day, they had a dream of making their passion, their careers.  Their vision was of a full video production agency comprised by a team of hard working, like minded misfits, that shared a passion for making great creative come to life! 


Unlike a lot of other agencies, the founders of Muse Duran have been on the other side of the business as clients, like you.  With this in mind, they will surely follow through and deliver on the care and high standards you would expect from your creative partner.


We are confident in our abilities to make a positive impact on your business, and its bottom line immediately.  Let our experienced team of designers, developers, and IT staff of creative scientists show you what next quarter could look like! There are many great options out there for web and video content, and Chicago has its fair share of the best.  What makes Muse Duran different?  We realize that although you may not have a multi-million dollar Hollywood budget to employ in your next project, good ideas are plentiful and free, just like an e-mail or call to us.  We hope to hear from you soon. 


Emal Noor & Nathan Hughes - Muse Duran

Muse Duran is proud to have worked with all of these great companies. From logo design, web services, and video production, contact us to find out how we can help drive more business and traffic!

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